Bathroom Cabinets

Bath Cabinets For Every Style, Taste & Budget
Rock Your House offers stylish J&K Cabinets and expert design staff to help you create the bath of your dreams! We have a variety of cabinet manufacturers to supply cabinetry for every style, taste & budget.

Finding Your Design

Determining which cabinets are best for you is one of the first parts of the design process. Rock Your House Remodeling has many cabinet remodeling services available for practically any space.

Our company can help you decide which cabinets are right for you based on the following:

  • Wood species & door style preference
  • Construction preference (particleboard or plywood box)
  • Project timeline
  • Length of time you want to stay in your home
  • Your budget

Quick-Ship Bath Cabinets

The bathroom is a place where you spend your peaceful time. You leave all the chaos and outside noise out and enter the bathroom. If there is clutter or accumulated dirty clothes in your bathroom, they certainly become a cause of giving you stress. If you are planning to install cabinets in your washroom, there is no one better than Rock Your House Remodeling to install them. The bathroom cabinet services we provide are flawless and cost-effective.

Bathrooms By Design

Our experts are trained professionals and have years of experience in bathroom renovation. If your cabinets are damaged and instead of replacing them with new ones you want to repair them we are here to help you out. Our experts will analyze the errors in them and will repair them without any hassle. If the issues are with the doors of the cabinets, we can repair them as well. Regarding the bathroom cabinet installation, we are up for it as well. Our installers take the right measurements and install them with accurate finishing. This is to ensure that your newly installed cabinets are visually appealing and functioning perfectly.

Bath Vanity Countertops

Our cabinet installers understand that installing cabinets in your bathrooms is a great investment and has a great return on investment value. There are great intricacies in dealing with integrated plumbing systems like sinks and outlets while installing cabinets. Our experts have the right expertise to carefully deal with these systems and install new cabinets. 

We understand that moisture can destroy the cabinets and allow mold to grow as well. This is why we take care of moisture first, dry the surfaces, and then install the cabinets that stay there for the longest period of time. Positioning cabinets in the bathroom is important to ensure their functionality. Our professionals understand this and place the cabinets at points where they look aesthetically pleasing and have the highest functionality.

Bath Remodeling

We are also known for providing custom bathroom cabinet services in Grapevine, TX. Whatever color or material you want us to install, we will do it according to your choices. If you want to replace the damaged portions of the windows, we can do it for you as well. With the right tools and amazing techniques, we can uplift the aesthetics of your bathroom. The services we provide are insured and bonded, and you can trust us for your needs. 


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