Looking to remodel your home? Make sure the heart of it looks as good as it possibly can. We’re here to help: We have you covered with plenty of kitchen design ideas to inspire your next renovation.

To get you started, we tapped Amanda Reynal, the Des Moines-based designer and head of Amanda Reynal Interiors, to share some of her best tips and tricks when it comes to reimagining your space. “When designing a kitchen, I prioritize our clients’ needs as well as function, and then imagine a beautiful design around the working space,” she says. From finding the right combination of lighting to ensuring you have plenty of seating and storage, it’s important to identify the must-have kitchen design ideas on your list before getting down to the details. Budget is also a major consideration; researching what fits your price range will help you select the right materials and styles.

Once the basics and budget are covered, you can start infusing personality into the space, from glossy backsplashes in playful designs to eye-catching drawer handles and sink faucets in the perfect metallic finish. Ahead, more of our best tips for ensuring your own kitchen remodel is a stylish success.

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Think About Flow

Are you altering your existing space to accommodate an open floor plan? If so, think about how you want your new kitchen to function. Will your culinary area be a place where your family congregates and eats? A large kitchen island with seating is necessary, but if you want your dining space to be regularly utilized, you should think twice before spending time and money on a kitchen eatery.

Another major consideration? The layout of both spaces, which should feel complementary and connected, not disjointed and incongruous.

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Create Plenty of Storage

You can never go wrong with added storage. “There are so many new and clever kitchen storage ideas that our clients love to utilize,” says Amanda Reynal, the Des Moines-based designer and head of Amanda Reynal Interiors. “From keeping plates in large drawers at a lower level to hidden coffee bars behind doors, there are many ways to maximize space. Even in the areas behind doors, pull-outs can help with accessibility and still allow everything to be hidden.”

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Turn Up the Lighting

Reynal is big on lighting, and she recommends having a mix of styles within your space. “Typically, we light the island with pendants or multi-light chandeliers,” she says. “Surface-mounted lights that are flush or semi-flush help light the ceiling as well as the area below it, which makes a room feel cheerful and bright.” She also suggests using recessed lights, especially on a dimmer if the kitchen is used for dining and entertaining. Under-cabinet lighting is also a must.